Errors when copying My Music, My Pictures and My Videos

Whenever I backup my computer and copy the My Music, My Pictures and My Videos folders, I get the following errors:

It seems like all of the files are copied over, but the error is always displayed.

Any idea why this is happening?

I don't get any errors when doing the same with my folders, but from the look of the paths you've changed where your folders are, and maybe other details?

What are you selecting to copy, and from which parent folder?

What happens if you do the same from Windows Explorer?

Are any junctions involved? If so, when you double-click the junctions in Windows Explorer, do you get an error message? (Use Explorer for that, not Opus, since Opus will work out where the junction points and take you to it if the junction is permissioned to deny access, instead of treating it as a normal folder like Explorer does.)

I'm not sure if there are any junctions involved -- I chose to have these "libraries" located on my E drive instead of C. When I copied them I did so from the E drive (i.e. the parent folder was E:\Users\Nathan). I was copying the entire folders, not files inside the folders. I haven't tried copying them over from Windows Explorer, I'll try doing so next time I do a backup.