Escape from opening large archives by keyboard?

If I open a large RAR archive by using the keyboard (pressing enter) an inline progress indicator appears until the index is fully populated. If the archive is really large this may take very long. Particurlarly if the archive is stored remote.

In this situation it would be nice to allow the user to press escape or backspace (as I would expect) to simply get out of this archive and to continue browsing.

Since I didn't find any keyboard combo to escape I always have to grab the mouse to manually click the abort button.

Is there any way to get out there using the keyboard only (tab moves the focus to the destination pane)!?

You can go Back (Alt-Left Arrow, or the Back key if your keyboard has one) or navigate to another path by typing the path in (or Shift-Return, F4, etc. to activate a path field).

(FWIW, it's pretty much only large RAR and compressed TAR archives which take a long time to open, because they require the entire archive to be scanned in order to list its contents. Other archive formats tend to store the table of contents all in one place.)

Pressing Alt-Left-Arrow when the open dialog is shown doesn't bring me back to the archive's root folder instead the second-previous folder in the navigation history is opened. This feels a little bit strange and doesn't help for my use-case. Unfortunately Shift-Return and F4 are bound to other commands in my configuration.

Wouldn't it be a nice addition for the next beta to allow pressing backspace or escape in this dialog to get out there? :laughing:

There is still no way to escape from the embedded progress dialog by keyboard only. May it be possible to add escape as shortcut to get out there?

Agree, pressing the 'escape' key seems the natural choice to abort this read operation.

Plus, it is also logical for this to apply when triggering flat view...

Hitting 'escape' key would abort.

Unfortunately the Go Back command seems to be broken for the progress dialog because it doesn't pushes the file display back to the previous folder instead the previous-previous folder is used in history. This seems to be a bug. Since this Go Back command would be a sufficient workaround for the missing escape binding it would be nice to get at least the Go Back command working.

No need to repeat yourself.

This has quite a low priority, to be blunt. You have several workarounds for this. If you're entering absolutely huge RAR archives (it doesn't affect any other archive type other than compressed TAR) that you didn't intend to enter, so often to care about having to pick up the mouse and click Abort (or use one of the various other workarounds to cancel the navigation), then that is unusual.

Why enter archives you don't want to be in so frequently in the first place?

Why not use an archive format better suited to the type of data you are storing?

You've already got the power to work around or even entirely avoid the problem, and it's not a problem anyone should run into often or that should cause trouble in the rare situations where people do run into it, so we're unlikely to devote resources to it in the short term. It may be improved as part of other long-term work on the same area of the program.

From my point of view there was a need since you proposed a workaround that doesn't actually work since it triggers a bug. Thus I mentioned the bug here to let you know about that and I need at least a short answer saying "Bug confirmed but has very low priority". Now I got this answer and now everything is fine, no need for the long explanation.

I'm fine with any answer that lets me know it's on your list (even if it is at the end). :wink:

That's the way of communication I expect from an official support forum. We report any kind of issues and you make the prioritization or whatever makes sense, but in any case you let us know that you take note of a reported problem (that may or may not be fixed in the future).

And indeed this issue doesn't have a high priority for me, I just want to have the certainly that you don't overlook it, allowing me to forget it. :slight_smile: