Eval feedback - multiple issues and comments

I am approaching the end of my 60-day trial. Overall, there is much to like, but I've also run into quite a few things that could be improved and at least one "fatal" flaw.

Here goes:

  1. I'll start with what is, for me, the worst thing. I decided to try D.Opus because I wanted something more reliable and with better performance than Windows Explorer. In general, it seems to deliver. However, when I open a folder that is sync'ed with OneDrive (including SharePoint, where I spend a lot of my time), it quite frequently takes a long time to read the folder and display it. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds, often it takes 20-30 seconds. I've even had a case where it took over 10 minutes! I've also had cases where I simply ran out of patience, copied the path, opened Explorer, pasted it, did whatever I needed to do, closed Explorer -- and D. Opus was still chugging along reading the list of files... I hope there is a simple setting I can change that will fix this issue. If not, I hope you can promise a release soon that addresses this issue. (This alone may cause me to abandon D.Opus rather than purchasing :frowning:)

  2. When viewing photos w/ D. Opus built-in photo viewer (I'm an amateur photographer so I do this a lot):

  • going to next/prev picture works with mouse wheel & PgUp/PgDn. I am used to arrow keys (up/down/left/right). Can that be enabled or added?
  • when opening Windows Photos viewer from within D. Opus, it doesn't know how to get to the next photo. This does work when opening Windows Photos viewer from Windows Explorer
  • there is no "Copy" option - something I use all the time to paste a photo into another Windows, e.g., WhatsApp Desktop or a file. (this also doesn't work from the lister) [Note: recently I discovered that Copy all appears to be the function I need. Why use a different name? Copy all is confusing - I didn't use it before because I thought it would copy all the pictures in the folder]
  • I can't open the picture in another program from within the D. Opus viewer - why not? I expected there to be an Open with... option. Can it be enabled or added?
  1. A one-time issue I encountered: double-click stopped working (i.e., to open a folder). I tried again & again - but nothing happened. So I right-clicked and selected the Open with Directory Opus option (which was bolded) and got into it that way. About 5 minutes later, all of the sudden, new windows started popping open representing all those earlier double-clicks! This only happened once, but it was disconcerting.

  2. When going to a higher level in the folder hierarchy, I expect the folder I was just in to be visible & highlighted (like in Windows Explorer). This includes using the up-arrow, the back-arrow or clicking a higher-level folder name in the bar. In general, when I go to a prior folder in the path, I expect the folder that it contains, from which I ascended, to be visible and highlighted. (It's not enough that I can select it from the greyed continuation in the path). This helps to maintain context (an important Human Factors issue) and is what I expect from Explorer. It is also very convenient (e.g., so I can easily rename the folder or check its properties, if I want).

  3. I am used to ctrl-N opening a new window, not a new folder. Can I remap keys?

  4. There are several cases where I expected a lister window to update in response to what is happening in the file system - but it does not. For example, when a new file is created or deleted in that folder or a device is removed (e.g., SD card or USB drive). I often have to refresh to see what changed.

  5. In Details view, double click (or single) only works on the filename. It would be nice if it worked on the whole row, like Windows Explorer does. Remember Fitt's Law! (another HF issue).

OK, that's it for now. I hope you will be able to answer me soon as I have less than a week before I have to decide if I'm going to continue using Directory Opus. As I wrote at the start - there is a lot I like! But ... see above. :slight_smile:



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@xbprm - Thanks! (you make me wish I'd asked about those topics a month ago!)

I hope someone will also address my other issues, especially #1.

Re: #4 - "Highlight previous folder on Up/Back" - behavior is not quite what I expected or desired.

  1. The "highlight" consists of a blinking underline. I would like it actually be the selected line, as if I had clicked on it. I frequently will go into a puzzling folder, see what's inside, then back out to rename it appropriately. If it's highlighted (as happens in Explorer), then I just hit F2 and rename. Here I have to hunt for that blinking line & select it and only then rename.
  2. It is not necessarily visible at all. For example, if there are 50 files/folders in the parent folder, it can easily be off screen. Blinking doesn't help - I first have to scroll around to find the blinking item.
  3. If I have gone up the hierarchy by clicking 2 or more levels above the current folder - then the subordinate folder is not highlighted at all. It only works if I go up one level at a time. Another time waster :frowning:

Is there another setting for those?


Please ask one question per thread. It's already really difficult to follow which points still need answers and which don't.

(We also track change requests via forum URLs, which can't be done if there a lots of unrelated requests in a single thread. And it makes it very difficult for other people with the same problems or ideas to find your thread and the relevant information inside it.)

good points. I will untangle these into separate posts. thank you.

OK, I have created new topics to address what is still open for me. Can an admin please close this thread?