Evaluator Function - HasLabel


Feature request: Can we have an evaluator function HasColor() to check if a specific color is set for the filename or folder?

Something like:
label: bool = HasColor( "isgreen" );

Additionally a function HasStatus():
status: bool = HasStatus( "checked" );

And to make this complete: HasBackground():
background: bool = HasBackground( "highlighted" );

Some more information for this request: Those functions could then be used to check a file's or folder's color/status/background to create or populate a new column (with the help of Evaluator Columns of course).

E.g. I've got a label assignment that sets a file's (or folder's) color to a certain value.
An evaluator column now checks this color and fills up the column's value appropriate.

This would e.g. allow to sort the files in a lister according to the value of this column, based upon which color/status/background a file has.

As far as I know there is currently no other possibility to perform this task with already built-in methods.


There's a built-in label column that you can sort by to group files by the label(s) and status icon(s) they have.

Your are correct, Sir :ok_hand:

Why didn't I thought about this already :laughing:

OTH, this built-in column will show multiple labels at once and I cannot distinguish about different labels/status. With an evaluator column and appropriate functions this would be possible.