Event to save changes

Someone help me fix this event for a btn_guardar button, to save the changes?

	if (msg.event == "click") {
		switch (msg.control) {
			case "btn_guardar": saveChanges(msg); 

There isn't enough context here for anyone to know what you're asking about.

Fix in what sense? What is broken?

What is the saveChanges function?

Sorry Leo for once again asking things without much context, but I'm wanting to do things without knowing how to do them, I just study a lot of scripts and I'm trying.

What I'm hoping for is that when I press the "Save" button (btn_save) in the "Mp3 Tag File" dialog the changes will be saved, just that.

Can you help me @Leo?

Can't help in detail with writing scripts at the moment. Too much else needs doing. But hopefully someone can help.

I think you'll need to give more information, though. At least for anyone not already familiar with that script.

True, thank you.