Everything Global search works but Everything search is always "no results found"

Pretty much what the title says. If I navigate to a folder that contains "file1.txt" and then search for "file1.txt using "Everything search" it won't find the file. (the quotes are only for the forum, not using them when searching, etc) If I change to "Global Everything search and then wade through 40 results I'll find "file1.txt" in the folder I started in.

Dopus version info below. I had Everything (Version (x86)) installed before v13 integrated it (THANK YOU!) and it's still working fine. I assume that Dopus uses that install for indexing as there's nothing about that in settings.

Thank you

Directory Opus 13.2 Build 8805 x64
OS 10.0 (B:19045 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Did you try to rebuild Everything's index?


Abr's suggestion of rebuilding the Everything index is definitely worth a try.

If that doesn't fix it, am I trying the right thing here?

abr, I've just done a "Force Rebuild" in Everything and that hasn't made a difference.

Leo, yes that's the bit that I'm talking about but the problem has changed a bit.

I noticed I had regex enabled and when I turned it off then the "local" Everything search started working and I get results only in the current folder and sub-folders.

If I turn regex on I can't get any results in the local search but global still works. It doesn't seem to matter what I put in the search box. There's a folder named "Certs", but search for "certs", "Certs", "^Certs", "^Certs$", ".*" all give me "No search results were found".

I had a case, where i had to use < > around the search terms, although it was in ET standalone. But you could try that in Opus.

No luck. I tried "<Certs>" and regex variations with < > around them with no luck.

Here's gif showing the issue.

Confirmed, regex mode doesn't seem to work for me either. We'll investigate!

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