Everything index update issues

I have installed Everything version and it seems that the index is not updating and refresh with View/F5 doesn't seem to do much, to test I added a file, the everything db indicates the date of today, when I am searching. I have not done a rebuild the index. In the options of everything I chose, Home/Index/ local database. select to monitor only one main drive

After 20 min, when I check if the test file shows up int the Everything List file, it doesn't show there and obviously in the actual search.
What do you thing could be the problem? or every time I have force reindex from Everything Tools Options/Indexes / rebuild? Does the drive needs to be NTFS or exFAT is OK?

This isn't a support forum for Everything.

Hi I am sorry, I am using the ES from menus, and underneath the search engine, that I was trying to decipher.
I should have phrased correctly as the Dopus search engine. I'll rephrase and post again.