Everything is shown UpperCase

Hello, since yesterday i have a problem with view in DirOpus.
Everything is shown uppercase. Inside Windows Explorer everything is fine but inside DirOpus everything is written UpperCase. Maybe i push a button or something.
Left Windows Explorer / Right DirOpus

Please could you go to /home in Opus (type that into the location field and push return), turn on the Date and Time / Modified and General / Description columns, and paste a screenshot of what they show?

(Please make sure the window and columns are large enough to see the names, dates and versions of all the exe and dll files.)

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There's something there which isn't part of the normal install. Please backup your config (Settings > Backup & Restore), then uninstall Opus and make sure nothing is left in that folder. Then reinstall Opus and everything should work OK.

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okay. i will do so :slight_smile: thank you for your quick help

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