Everything search in quick search bar

Dose it support "or" operator on it ( a | b ) ?

It seems the "and" operator work well ( a b ), but "or" operator ( a | b ) not get the result in my side. Do I use the wrong grammar?

It's not clear to me which version of DOpus you are referring to, but in any case, yes, it is working, so I am inclined to believe that the problem must be in the search syntax you are using.

I use the latest 13 beta. It seems only 13 beta has everything integration ?.

I input the same syntax "a | b" in everything's search bar and Opus's search bar. There are correct results in everything but Opus found nothing.

But if using "a b", they will got totally the same result.

Ok. It's just that since you published in this section and not in the respective section of the beta...

What exactly is the search syntax you are testing?

Just "關羽 | png" , any two normal string with "|"

Try putting your search term inside < > and see if it makes a difference. If so we can change it so this is done automatically.

I found the problem.

My search target is a very big drive but already indexed.

Search "a b" and "a | b" in Everything itself can get the result in 1 sec.

In Opus's everything , "a b" also finish in 1 sec. But "a | b" take maybe 30~60 sec. So I misunderstand it can not find anything, actually it is just slow.

But why "a | b" in Opus is much slower than do the same thing in Everthing itself ?

Is it any quicker if you use Global Everything search?


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it seems slightly faster than local, but still much slower than in Everything itself.

All we do is pass the query string to Everything along with (for non-global) the folders to search in. Maybe @NotNull might have some thoughts if he sees this.

So I created many files containing 關羽 in their name. I then searched for 關羽 | sample.png and got the expected results.
But if I search for 關羽 | png, clearly DOpus is going to take much longer to get the results because...I'm trying to import ALL items with png in their name, including the extension, and there are going to be quite a few. You can try refining the search criteria or decreasing the total results obtained by adding count:1000 in your search and/or search in Preferences in DOpus for everything_max_results and modify the limit there directly.
@r91085 just curious, when you search for 關羽 | png in Everything, how many results does it show in the status bar?

And if you make the same search but using the Everything CLI tool, how much time does it take get the results?

It is 304392 items about this search.

But my point is I can get the result in Everything's GUI in 1 sec, I just think of in Opus I can also get the result in a similar waiting time. If this is expected performance of Opus with everything in this case, that's fine.

No, you can't import 304392 (or in this case the everything_max_results value) items into a DOpus collection in 1 second.

Thanks for this. I didn't know I could select Everything into the search bar.

Note that Everything doesn't actually show you 304392 files at once, it only shows you a page of results. As you scroll down the list it fills in the next page with details in real time.

When you search with Opus, the data for every single result has to get copied from Everything into our process, and then added to a file collection. All that data moving around is overhead that you don't have when you're working in Everything directly.

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Is it possible to also use paging loading or continuously loading in Opus and can show the partial ready result rather than just show progress bar before all is ready ?

No unfortunately that's not possible.

Yes, I just discovered this as well by reading the thread. Wow. Such a useful functionality.