Everything support for searches

"Everything" is a great tool and I'm happy it has been intergrated in "Counting files".

It would be great if Opus also uses it for searching.

Very true.

Everything (indexed search)

That you can use Everything for searches is one of the mentioned highlights of the new features of v13.

But what a crazy idea to read through the pages that shows the main new features of a new software release.... :wink:

It doesn't seem to work for me.
In Everything I find a certain file instantly.
In Opus it takes a few minutes.

You have to change the search engine from windows to everything in the left corner of the search field...

If you use 1.5 you have to deactivate the alpha instance in Everything first.

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Where exactly is that located?
I don't see any option left to the searcg field?

Unfortunately, the section of the manual where this could be explained is not yet available.

You have to click on the drop down here and then choose the relevant option...


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Think I finally found the option.

I usually press Ctrl+F and the search using the "Name" field near the top left of the search window.

But Everthing only works when using "Indexed search" at the right half of the screen?

Ctrl+F opens the Find Files panel, which is Opus's own search functionality.

That can use an indexed search from Everything or Windows Search as a starting point, if you want to get the initial list of matches from them and then filter it down further. The Indexed Search box on the right side of the Find Files panel lets you do that.

But if you just want to do a quick name or wildcard search using Everything, the Find Files panel isn't the best choice. Instead, use the Search Field that should be on the default toolbars at the top right. Click the magnifying glass icon to open a menu where you can choose the search engine.

If your toolbars don't have the Search Field, open Customize and drag it out of the Default Toolbars tab.

Alternatively, you can also type a + into the file display and then start typing to do a search via Everything (Global). You can use that without any screen space being taken up by any extra panels or fields. The only disadvantage to that method is you can't see the search string you typed after pushing return.

Name search works blazing fast.
Wildcard search doesn't include spaces?

Searching: Opus*forum
Doesn't find: Directory Opus support forum

Searching: Opus * forum
Does find: Directory Opus support forum