EverythingDopus - A utility to integrate Everything with Directory Opus

OK, just done that and the original utility still works fine in Dopus13 and gives me the nice little button to click!

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Hi @cyilmaz,

My apologies, I missed your post previously.

Unfortunately there's no easy way to add parameters to the application like that.
Due to how windows handle consoles quotes and everything, I already had to have a custom quote parsing, and probably was one of the most annoying parts of creating this application.

Also, including parameters means some of the search strings with either be impossible to have (e.g., anything starting with a -) or it will be extremely difficult to use quickly (e.g., every query will need to be prefixed with a specific parameter).

As for how command line params are passed to Everything, they should be passed as is, through BuildSearchRequest() and EverythingSearch(). It has been a while since I've worked directly in this code, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :slight_smile:

I hope this helps shedding some light on why it's hard to implement the requested changes without a ton of side effects. I'm happy to review any pull requests if you solve those issues while also keeping the current behavior, of course :slight_smile:

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Am I correct in saying that this script is obsolete if one uses DO 13? If not, what extra functionality does it provide?

Don't need it in Dopus13, but it works if you want to. Without it you use a pull-down menu from the search box, with it you get a dedicated button. I like the button!

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Is it possible to use the portable version of Everything in combination with the USB version of dopus?
(Does dopus now detect if you are using the portable version?)

I am referring to dopus V13 (I am currently using V12)

yes, tested with both apps in portable mode

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