Excel Double Click Response

I'm evaluating Opus 8.1 unicode ( u) and like what I see but have encountered an apparent glitch when the viewer sees an Excel file. Double-clicking on the file name while it is shown in the viewer will not launch Excel and load the file. This action will launch Word with the chosen document. Anyone else experience this?

Try the newest version of DOpus, just released yesterday, 8.2. I'm running Win XP pro with Office 2k and DOpus 8.2, and I can tell you that behavior is not occuring on my end.


It's an Excel issue, not really an Opus issue. Excel will not open the same file in two places. It can't because of the way Excel macros work.

If you want the file open in Excel rather than the viewer you have to close the viewer and then double-click it.

You may also be able to get things to work as you want with the existing Excel-based viewer by going to Preferences, Plugins and configuring the ActiveX Document plugin, turning on Create temporary copies of Office files. It'll dependon the sheet's macros, though.

Alternatively you could install the QuickViewPlus viewers (e.g. via Yahoo!'s Desktop/Toolbar thing) and use them to view Excel files inside Opus. Since they don't use Excel to view the files you'll probably be able to open files in Excel while they're being displayed in the viewer pane.

Thanks for the advice. I just loaded 8.2.

Unfortunately, the problem persists. Excel just hangs after showing an icon in the taskbar. I can get Excel to load by double clicking a spreadsheet only when I turn off the viewer. I'm running Excel 2003 SP2 and Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP2 on a Dell Latitude D810.

Just noticed Nudel's response. The ActiveX plugin is already configured as recommended to create temporary copies. Both trying the "alternative method" option and turning off all these boxes failed to fix the problem.

I'll attempt to implement the other recommendation soon.

Thanks. This has helped to clear up the source of the problem.