After not getting Qttabbar to work for me, I was looking for a better file manager than explorer and learned of this program, I think from ThioJoe.
Wow. I haven't been this excited about a program since like Starcraft 2 or FLS 12.

Just wow. This Directory Opus 12 is amazing.
Been learning and setting it up for two days now. Had to figure out many things so far.
Right now I'm struggling with:

Administrator rights. I followed a tutorial on youtube that didn't seem to work. I just wish my own computer would stop telling me I'm not the administrator. What a waste of time all that is.

The 'can't rename file because it's being used in another process'. That's no good. I had this same problem with winamp. If a song was paused I couldn't rename an mp3. But if it was stopped I could. This file preview window should suspend itself when someone wants to modify a file then refresh itself after the operation is done.

Sending email. I just downloaded the new outlook app (windows 10 pc) so that I can use internet file sharing things from within DO 12. Primarily I just wanted my right click context menu to be able to attach a file to a new email, and share etc., but apparently microsoft can't handle that level of operation. But they sure know how to take your data.

I usually use google drive, but thought to try this out. I see the knowledge base about email and ftp things, so it looks like I have a lot of work to do.

Very nice program, guys. Very nice.


Which viewer is causing that in the preview window?

It was the picture viewer. I was testing out some copy and rename buttons with a basic rich text notepad file. Using a rename function with the button caused this pop up because it was loaded in the viewer (the pop up indicated DO12 as using the file). This happened with a few different things, but this one I remember for sure.

I just tried it again. The rename 'make web safe' worked but 'replace underscores with spaces' didn't.

An RTF document wouldn't be opened in the picture viewer. :slight_smile:

That's probably opening in the Windows Rich Text preview handler, or Microsoft Word preview handler. It should say at the top of the preview pane exactly what's opening it (in brackets, after the filename, as long as the window is wide enough).

If you go to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins and configure the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin (renamed "MetaPlugin" in Opus 13), you can tell it to create a temporary copy of files before sending them on to the preview handler, if the preview handler is locking the files.

Select the preview handler in question, then turn on Open Temporary Copies at the top right:

Microsoft's specification for preview handlers says they must not lock files, but even some of Microsoft's own preview handlers break this rule.

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What I meant is it's not the music or video player, but just an image appearing in the preview pane.

Yup, that did it. I will redo this method for any (small) file type that has this issue.
Thank you so much.

I'll make that the default for the Windows RTF viewer as well, for 13.0.49 and later.