Exclude a match regular expression FAYT

I have my FAYT filter setting to use regular expressions.
By default if you enter the expression


The lister is going to filter out everything that does not contain the string.
I sometimes want to do the opposite.
Is there an easy way to do this?
I can filter out all items that do contain the string Blah with this regex:


I dont understand this regex just grabbed it off the web.
This does not filter out items that do contain Blah or Cisco:


Have not worked out why yet

Anyway is there an easier way?
Thanks in advance.....

Try ~(Blah|Cisco).

That works if you're in the default wildcards mode, but not with regular expressions.

Regular expressions aren't good for matching negatives, but you can do it using this:


That's from here:

Heck! I wasn't even aware regex can be used in the filter bar. Nice! Might be an idea to place a little check box or toggle button there to save the trip to the preferences.


Gentlemen. Thank you.