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Exclude folders when doing a FIND


I'm creating a FIND button for certain drives, and I want to exclude certain subfolders of these drives.

Attacking the problem the other way around (by including on the desired folder paths) is not feasible, as new subfolders are added every day, and there are hundreds which I would have to type out.




--> How to filter items by location or sub-folder


Thx - but looking at this a few days ago I assumed this would do nothing to prevent DOpus from searching the unwanted directories (which can take up to 10 extra minutes!) even though it would filter out results found within that directory.

I hope I'm wrong and this works!


Re-read the part about Sub-Folder filters; the purpose of them is to avoid searching unwanted directories.


will do - thanks!


but can all this be put into a button with that simple dlgstring interface?
I never saw any equivalent code or raw commands...


No, unfortunately. At the moment if you have a command that runs a filter, the filter has to be defined in advanced. (Only exception is simple name/wildcard searches which don't use a filter at all.)

You can save multiple filters and recall them using the drop-down in the Find panel, if that helps. For example, set them up so you just have to select them and edit the bits you want to edit before clicking Find.