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Exclude Recycle Bin from searches


When I do a search I don't want to look through all the recycle bin. Right now, my search results take a long time and include locations like: C:$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-3400838258-2061731878-1392087733-5167#ROQDON1

I have created a filter, but it doesn't seem to work.

Location No Match $Recycle
Use wildcards (checked)

I just can't seem to figure out the correct setup.




That should work as you've described.

Could you post a screenshot showing what the Find panel looks like just before you click "Find" so we can see all the details?


Leo, I wish I could, but I don't know how to get it into the forum. I have also saved the screen shots a Word .docx file and it won't let me attach that.


I think I got it attached.


Those results are showing files that aren't even underneath the folder you're searching. Are you sure they're not coming from a previous search? Do you have the Clear previous results option checked?


Jon, minor issue. As you know, DO can have two lister screens. I was in the C:\Users\bill.lofgren\Documents lister when I hit Ctrl-F, but trust me, the results you see are for the search criteria. This is starting from C:. If you really need it, I can do another set screen pics and show you, but trust me, it is correct.


Yes please. A screenshot where we can see the whole Find panel could reveal something important that we can't see at the moment.


Sorry, attached wrong file before.


Ok, so that screenshot is showing you're using the Simple Find mode, which doesn't support location filtering. You need to actually have the Advanced tab selected to use the Advanced Find mode.


OK, so what am I doing wrong? Below is the Advanced tab. How do I setup to look for the name of a file and have the filters applied?


Based on what you currently have:

Name, Match, msvcr120.dll
Full Path, No Match, *$Recycle.Bin*, Use wildcards

It will then find all items named msvcr120.dll which aren't below any folders named $Recycle.Bin.

If you want to exclude things below .svn folders as well, you can add another Full Path condition, or use wildcards to make the one you have handle both folders, e.g. *($Recycle.Bin|.svn)*

It's also possible to exclude folders in a faster way, but let's go into that once we have the basics working, or it'll get complicated.


I see now. I thought you set up the filters and they were applied to whatever you were searching for in the fields in simple. I didn't realize that it was two separate entities. Thanks.


If that's working now, and you want to make it more efficient, have a look at the Subfolder example #3 here: How to filter items by location or sub-folder

The difference is only worthwhile if the folder(s) you are excluding have a lot of files below them, so don't worry about it (and keep things simple) if they don't.


Thanks, all set.