Excluding files with certain text from search/find

Must be missing something very simple but...

I have thousands of *.jpg files spread across many subdirectories
Many of then have somename-Mockup-somethingels.jpg

I want to exclude from search all jpg files that have the word mockup in the name.

I tried the ~(*mockup) in the find UI and in the find bar but did no work...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

~(*mockup*) would fine all names that don't contain "mockup". Combine that with the file type filter at the bottom of the Tools > Find FIles dialog and you can get all JPG files that don't contain the word.

Thanks for response Leo --
I must be doing something wrong...When I type ~(*mockup*) on the top right search bar, it shows all of the files with mockup -- ( the opposite to the desired behavior)

The top-right search field sends the query to Windows Search, the same thing that File Explorer uses. It's mainly there to provide continuity for people moving to Opus from File Explorer, although it seems nobody knows how to use it in either program. :slight_smile:

It has its own query syntax which is (not very well) documented on Microsoft's site:

On the other hand, Tools > Find Files uses Opus's own find functionality and is a lot more straightforward.

Brilliant! -- it now makes sense! -- working now --
One thing to note: I had to check wildcards and uncheck partial match fields.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this program... REALLY - Thank you!

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