Execute arbitrary button in dop file?

OK , this question is a bit outside of normal discussion, but we've tried some weird things before.

I'm wondering if I have a dop file not displayed in DOpus,
that I modify using for instance a C++ program or more likely a PHP script run from a visible button in DOpus,
is there anything that can possibly be done to execute a button in that dop file within the C++ program or PHP script?

In other words, if I write a PHP script or C++ program that modifies for a very specific result a dop file,
is there any possibility of then executing that button within the C++ program or PHP script using Dopusrt.exe /cmd,
the registry, or something unknown to me at all ?

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Probably the easiest way to do this is make a button which runs a batch (.bat) file and then have the PHP (or whatever) generate the batch file using lines which run dopusrt.exe /cmd <cmd>

Set the button to runmode hide so you don't see the command prompt window at all and voila. I think. :slight_smile: