I found this in a zip folder in my DOPUS folder (where I keep my various scripts, butttons, .pdf, configs, etc. that I add to opus later)

I know it is used for reading and writing metadata on files, and it is used with DOpus, but how do I add it and how do I use it?

Opus itself doesn't use it. A button or script you got from the forum might.

Yeah, I have a ton of .zip folders containing themes. Probably opened on and there it is.

This seems like it’s close enough to an appropriate thread for posing my question…

So I actually AM currently trying to integrate my usage of ExifTool with DOpus. My first goal is to have a menu item in DOpus to have ExifTool export certain types of metadata from all applicable files in the current SOURCE folder to separate JSON files. The ExifTool command line to do this, and I’ve verified that it works in a DOS shell, is:

exiftool -w %f.%e.json -json -struct -G -XMP:All -EXIF:All -IPTC:All .

The dot/period at the end tells ExifTool to process all files in the current folder. Since that’s basically what I want it to do, I didn’t see a need to use any DOpus modifier to specify one or more selected files. I did, however, think I should use the following before ExifTool:


But things aren’t working as planned:

  1. I put my new menu item in the Properties menu (Properties > EXIFTool > EXIF/IPTC/XMP to JSON), since it certainly relates to file properties, but the Properties menu is ghosted unless I have one or more files selected, which isn’t/shouldn’t be necessary for EXIFTool to do its work. If there’s no way around this, I’ll find some other home for it, but thought I’d check, anyway.

  2. No matter how many applicable files are in the folder, I’m only getting a JSON for the first file listed. It’s also receiving an incorrect filename, for example “Teste.json” for the file “Test.jpeg”, when it should be getting named “Test.jpeg.json” in accordance with the command line instructions for EXIFTool shown above. Is DOpus getting confused by %f.%e.json? Is there anything I need to do differently from a DOpus perspective?

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I think you have to double up on the % characters - e.g. %e has to be expressed as %%e

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I think you have to double up on the % characters

Yep! That did the trick! Now I get JSONs for all files, with correct names. Thanks.

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