Exiting the Standalone Image Viewer

Thanks so much for Dopus! Love it and makes me so much more productive :slight_smile:

I have just purchased a new laptop and decided to try and ditch ACDSee as my primary image viewer and use Dopus inbuilt viewer instead. It seems like a great viewer but one thing is really bugging me. I have it set to open the images full screen so there are no toolbars visible. However the only way to exit out of that mode seems to be the escape key on the keyboard. I almost exclusively use the scrollwheel on my mouse to browse through the images in the directory and when i want to quickly exit I now have to reach over to the keyboard. Even right-clicking with the mouse brings up a menu but there is no "exit" option or similar. I know it's a small thing but it really reduces productivity. Perhaps I'm missing something? Is there any way to close out of the full screen image viewer only using the mouse?

Thanks so much in advance! :slight_smile:

  • You can configure what the three mouse buttons do in the viewer under Preferences / Viewer / Mouse Buttons.

    One of the options is to close the viewer.

  • Alternatively, with the default settings, you can also click the top of the full-screen viewer to reveal the viewer's toolbar, then click the Close button at the top right.

  • There is a Close option at the bottom of that right-click menu by default.

    If it is not there, the menu may have been edited. You can edit or reset it via Settings > Customize Toolbars > Context Menus > Image Viewer Context.

Thanks heaps Leo.

Most of what you suggested doesn't seem to be correct for me. Is that because some of the features you mentioned are new to Dopus 12? I'm only on 11.

I can configure the mouse buttons as you suggest, but the viewer's toolbar does not have a close button on the top-right (does have "exit" in the File menu though), and also there's no "Image View Context" option to customise the menu.

Just having the mouse button configured would work for me, but having that "Close" option in the right-click menu is the same as my old workflow so would make the transition easier.

Apologies, I overlooked that you were using an older version.

The viewer had quite an overhaul in Opus 12, so there are a lot of new things that won't have been in Opus 11, yes.

Awesome. Thanks Leo! Might just have to do a trial of it quickly to see what's new and then upgrade :slight_smile:

If you want a rundown of the main new features, this video shows them to you:

The release notes go into more detail if you prefer to read than to watch/listen: