Expand shortened text in column on mouseover

It's should be an easy answer, i just can't find it.

How can i make opus to show me a long location name that has been shortened with "..." in the location column.
I would like to see the whole location-string on mouse over this column and row.
The same applies for each column.

PS. I tried with InfoTip and it gives me some data, but by me the infotips are disabled on network drives,
and also infotips of Sub-Filetype-Groups(i.e. images) overwrite the infotips for more general Infotips (i.e. all files and folders).
In addition the infotip configuration is static.
When i add new column to the file display, and the text is shortened, i have to add each new column respectively.

Is there a easy way. Only one click setting option to expand shortened text in column on mouse over?

There's no way to do that, sorry.

You can enable infotips on network drives via Preferences / File Displays / Options, and with the FileType groups you can add the information you need into each group.

I adjust all Info tips so that all information that i usually need appears on filename mouseover.
Unfortunately, there is no inheritance in the Infotips setting.
It is not enough to set the desired Infotip for all files and folder.
It should be done also for all sub types: Files, Folder, Images,...

I done this, and though: ok, so i am ready.
But now some time later, i found that in some folder i would see more columns /infotips.
I want to see in the infotips all the chosen columns for the current folder setting.
Is there a way to do that dynamicaly?
Something like: {foldersetting-columns}

[quote="aDopusUser"]Is there a way to do that dynamicaly?
Something like: {foldersetting-columns}[/quote]
No, not currently.