Expand the PLAY command

Now that all audio files can be played via the preview panel it would be nice if the good old PLAY command could do that also without opening a GUI.
What I'd like to have is a Toolbar that appears when I'm in a folder with audio files containing buttons for PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, PREVIOUS, NEXT, RANDOM. A clickable progress bar would make it perfect.


The first step has been done much faster than I thought. The player can now play all files. Many thanks for this. However, the internal player ist still a very limited little "notification sound player". I'm hopeful this somewhat neglected baby will grow up to a proper music player with the further development of Opus 13. :grinning:

Iā€™d prefer to leave that to dedicated software like Foobar2000 which is better than we could hope to be in that space (while still giving everything else the attention it needs), and free.

But maybe if we run out of things to do. :slight_smile:

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Opus 13 is a baby itself at the moment and should be neglected in no case so it will leave you no space for boredom the next time. But when v13 comes to age it may be time to spruce it up with some less essential but nice to have features like this. I can wait for it. :smiley: