Expandable folders: Clicking or hovering over arrows

From the documentation:

When expandable folders are enabled, a small area on the left of the filename is reserved for an arrow glyph. To expand a folder, either:

Click the arrow glyph, ...

In my case hovering on the arrow glyph expands the folder apparently because I use Single click to open an item (hover to select).

Just an observation, not a complaint.

Hovering on the arrow glyph does not expand the folder even selecting "Single click to open an item (hover to select)."

Not a major complaint but I wish hover would open an expandable folder.

Any ideas how to get hover to work?

Win 10, Opus 13.4.3

Actually it does work, kind of, at least here tonight.
Hovering on the arrow does expand the folder for me although it is a bit quirky.
After it is expanded, hover over the folder name and then navigate to the files/folders below.
A long hover over one of those files/folders then selects.

Edit Note: This is with the preferences option "Single click to open an item (hover to select)." enabled.

Does also checking "Single Click over icon only ( normal behavior on labels )" help ?
Here tonight at least, it stops the hover expansion and keeps the hover select ability.

Well, it helps in a way. At least it does what you say, but I don't think I want to give up single clicking the "label" to open. For me it's sort of the cure being worse than the disease.