Expanded drives/dirs at startup

I really ran trough the forums, found no answers, so...

Is it possible to start up DOpus with some dirs/drives already expanded in the treeview? (multiple expanded dirs/drives)

ps: also, how to set keyboard shortcut for styles? I haven't found any way to do that...

Hi there poisonborz...

Not that I know of... unless perhaps you use a shortcut to a batch file that calls DOPUSRT with some commands to open the paths you want and then expand the tree like dopusrt.exe /cmd go d:\my\prefs expandtree
But it seems not to work so great with multiple paths??? This sounds like somethign I've seen others ask about... it might be a feature request to extend both tab groups and custom layouts, so that each of these systems 'remember' whether or not their paths are expanded in the tree (if present).

Not that I know of... looks like Styles must be 'selected' from any of the supported presentation methods in order to be invoked - i.e. a drop down, list, or tab.

Not that I am aware of however you can selectively expand any particular branch of the folder tree by first selecting what you want in the tree, then pressing the numeric keypad *

[quote="poisonborz"]ps: also, how to set keyboard shortcut for styles? I haven't found any way to do that...

If you assign a style to a button you can load that style via a hotkey. The command to assign a style to a button is:

Prefs STYLE=Name of style

Where of course "Name of style" is the actual name of the style you want to load. In the hotkey section of the button config box you can assign the keyboard key you want.

You don't need a button - just set it up as a hotkey through Customize.


I should have known that and way back in amongst the cobwebs I did know that.

The button idea was just at the top of my head. :blush:

thanks a lot everyone... well, the multiple dir expand command turned to a feature request on my part, I guess... I think many people are using all their drives/dirs extensively, so maybe it would be a good idea to speed up their work by expanding these automatically.

This would not only be helpful at the start, but at other events during the usage, too.

It might be worth mentioning that Favourites, as well as any buttons you make which Go to a particular path, can have files dropped on them to copy/move items to their locations (as well as the obvious clicking on them to go to their locations in the lister).

Not quite the same as having them in the tree (takes of more space if you've already got the tree open, and you don't get to see their subdirectories either) but I thought it might come in handy.