Explorer context menu stopped working in dopus

I use Beyond Compare for diffing files and folders. Great product. I used to use their Explorer Context Menu to select files in Directory Opus Dual Horizontal Lister, and it worked fine. Select a file in the top view, and select a file to compare it to in the bottom view. It worked just the same as when using Windows Explorer.

Then it stopped. Now the Context menu items don't appear at all when I right click on a file in the Dual Horizontal Lister.

Any ideas for how to fix?

Here's what the Explorer menu items look like:

What does the menu look like in Opus?

After right clicking on a file:

I haven't restarted the computer in a long time, so I'm wondering if it's memory related (a leak). At the beginning of the day, everything seemed to be working.

Looks like other programs' context menus are still working, so it must be something specific to the one that isn't working, especially if it was working earlier. (The same context menu works fine here, too.)

I would try rebooting first, if you haven't already.

If it's still not working after that, check in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: ignore_context_menus in case anything has been added to the block list, which can happen if an extension crashes and Opus is able to detect which one it was.