Explorer integration not replacing when opening folder

What happens:
When I have Explorer open, say to the Desktop directory, and I double-click on a folder, that folder simply opens in the same Explorer window.
The same thing happens if I right click the folder and select "Open" (which has DOpus icon next to it).



What should(?) happen:
When I double-click a folder from Explorer, DOpus should open, pointed to that folder I just double-clicked.


Not sure why it's not working. DOpus properly takes over when I double-click a folder directly from the desktop (I am using Fences, though). I tried out XYplorer (as I'm comparing the two over the course of a month) and it works just fine and replaces most everything. Both are not installed at the same time just as an FYI.


Any help would be appreciated!

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The Explorer Replacement options only affect what happens when some action causes a new folder window to be opened.


Gotcha. So even when I right click a folder, and click "Open", which has a DOpus icon next to it, the intended behavior is that DOpus does not open that folder? Why put the icon there then?

Is this a feature that would get added in the future? XYplorer does it and it's pretty handy. It gets users one step closer to fully replacing Explorer. Again, just going through the comparison process using each of them for a month; not hating on either one of them.

There’s an “Open in Directory Opus” option in the right click menu for this.

Making it impossible to use File Explorer is not our aim. That happens with less advanced methods of replacing Explorer, but we go out of our way to ensure double-clicks within a File Explorer window stay within that window and don’t force you into Opus.

If you’re already in Explorer instead of your default file manager, then there’s probably a reason for it. Making it hard to stay in Explorer when you need to use it would be annoying rather than useful.

(I know this from experience. A very long time ago, double-clicks in Explorer did open Opus. We found a way to prevent it so you can still use Explorer normally when you need to.)

Sometimes people need to use File Explorer, the same as someone using Chrome as their default browser may still need to use Edge or Firefox. Clicking a link within one browser shouldn’t hijack it and open it in another, as that makes using any other browser impossible. But when a URL is double-clicked outside a browser, or launched from another program to show a website, that’s when you want the default browser to be used. Same with the default file manager and folders.


Thanks for the reply!

I completely understand this and the reasoning behind it all. I appreciate you taking the time to write that up.

I think the only misleading thing here is the following:

This does not use DOpus, as pressing Enter is equivalent to double-clicking, which, as stated, should keep you in Explorer and not hijack. This means that the top 2 options in that picture do the same thing, but one has the DOpus icon.

To actually open this folder (that I right clicked) in DOpus, I have to right-click, select "Show more options", and then press "Open in Directory Opus".