Explorer Like Autocomplete Popup

One feature I find myself actually missing gasp from explorer when I'm in DO is the autocomplete popup explorer windows provide when you start typing a path. It's a much more pleasant user experience to be able to drill down into a directory by being able to see a listing of possible path/filenames in a dropdown rather than having to cycle autocomplete choices with the arrow keys. Being limited to seeing only one autocomplete option at a time feels like navigating your dir structure with tunnel vision. In various shells this is addressed using double-tab to spit out filtered directory listings for the purposes of tab/autocomplete and as mentioned before, explorer addresses this by displaying a popup that is filtered as you type and that you can navigate with arrow keys.

Is there anyone to get this "broader" view of a directory with DO other than having to hit enter at every path level to drill down into directories when you need a little help remember the pathname you need?

Is this something can be implemented with any third party tool/plugin, or is filing a feature request the thing to do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry to bump my post, but before it gets pushed off the front page and fades into obscurity if there isn't any way or clever workaround to modify or enhance path autocompleting in DO I just wanted to make sure before filing it as a feature request. Thanks :slight_smile:

No currently there is no way to do this.