Explorer replacement in own Layout

Can I open Explorer in a extra defined Layout, every time I start Explorer only in this dedicated Layout?

Thanks in Advance,

The Default Lister usually takes care of that, unless you need something unusual.

It's usually updated automatically when you close a window, but you can also use Settings > Set As Default Lister to explicitly save the current window as what you want, which will also turn off automatically updating the Default Lister when windows are closed after that.

This don't work like I need/wish...
I like to tell the DOpus: "for Explorer Replacement use the "My Explorer Layout" "
(like I can customize every directory)
Do we have a chance to implement this in next update - pleeease... ? :slight_smile:


It will use the default lister for explorer replacement, so just save your layout as the default lister.

Or are there special situations where you don't want the same layout to be used?

Yes, there are the "special situations", but it is a bit hard to me to describe this all in english... sorry...

Leo, I have now better understand what You mean... my faut... sorry
You solution is mayby not the I want, but work OK as... replacement for replacement :wink: