Explorer Replacement, only when Directory Opus is running


is it possible to introduce a Preference, so that Directory Opus only replaces Windows Explorer when Directory Opus is running / when a Directory Opus Lister is open ?.

We use several applications which makes calls to Windows Explorer and is launching Directory Opus when we do not want it to.

I cannot set the option to "Don't replace Explorer" because we use Directory Opus to carry out file restores using the Windows "Restore Previous Version" feature. With Replace Explorer enabled, Directory Opus correctly opens a new tab which is what we want rather than a Windows Explorer window opening.

If there was an option to only replace explorer when Directory Opus was already running, it would resolve my catch 22 problem.

Are those programs opening particular folders? You could add the folders to the exclusions list.

Hi Leo,

unfortunately there is no way of determining specific folders or even specific drives. They could be local or network drives depending on the application.