Explorer replacement with different layout

I have not used explorer replacement before but started it last week. Then I discovered something that I do not think exists in Dopus but would be good.
If you open with Explorer replacement, you get to choose a saved layout in the preferences. I often run with dual listers but when I replace Explorer it would be good to be able to open a single listers layout instead.

Save what you want for Explorer Replacement as the default lister (Settings > Set as Default Lister).

Save the other thing you want as a layout (Settings > Layouts), and configure whichever method you use to open it to open that layout instead of the default lister.

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To do the opposite is a good idea. But I use Set As Default Lister a lot when I have changed my regular Listers, but then I can probably make a menu / button that saves the listers quickly and easily just like Set As Default Lister menu.
I'll test that idea and see how it works.
Thanks for the idea and quick response as always. :smiley: