Explorer still invoked, not DOpus, on rt click on Start Menu

Hi, how can I get DOpus to launch on right click on my expanded start menu? Now I have DOpus, I'd expected it to be launched, not explorer in this case. But explorer is still launched - only explorer options 'open/explore' (all users) appear.

Win E launches DOpus, and I've also tried ticking 'add Open in DOpus to folder context menus'.

I've not changed any preferences from their defaults otherwise.

I'm using XP Pro SP2.

Thanks, David L.

I don't know the answer but, at least on Vista, it looks like Explorer shows a different context menu for Start Menu items which exist in both the All Users and the user profile areas. This cut-down menu only has options which explicitly call the "open" and "explore" verbs which both invoke Explorer. To me it seems like Microsoft are breaking their own rules about using the default verb in this special menu.

Start Menu folders which only exist in one location or the other display the standard folder context menu which does have the Open in Directory Opus item.