Export configuration excluding Folder Aliases?

Hi all,

I recently upraded to version 9 and have a question about the new Configuration Backup/Restore feature:

Is it possible to exclude Folder Aliases from the export?
I use two computers with different setups and rely on aliases like /mp3archive, /data etc. for my own buttons and commands.

Every time I transfer the settings from one machine to the other, I have to edit all the aliases again. Exporting without "miscellaneous data" and "local state data" doesn't help. Is there a way to avoid this?

I couldn't find any information on this in the help, manual or forums...

Thank you,

There's no way I see to do this within the Backup & Restore utility... but the aliases are just stored in a file (as with everything else in Opus 9) so what you might be interested in doing is keeping copies of the /dopusdata\ConfigFiles\folderaliases.oxc file from each system (or maybe /dopusglobaldata depending on your install mode ?)... say one with a .pc1 extension, and the other with a .pc2 extension... and after restoring an OCB file, run a button that copies the preferred aliases file for that system back into place? You 'might' have to stop and restart Opus again after doing something like that... but this is all easier than having to manually re-modify your aliases no?

Wow, that was quick! :smiley:


Definitely, yes! Thanks for the suggestion! :wink: