Export custom icons


I have a few custom icons i use for various things. However, when i export and re-import on another computer, the export does not include these custom .ico files. Is there a way to do it, or will I have to manually back them up and copy them back to the same location on another computer for them to appear?

Don't think there is a good automatic way.

I store all my custom icons below the Images directory and zip them up when I want to copy them to another machine. That way the relative path to the icons is always the same and I only need to extract the zip for everything to work.

(Maybe Opus should include the icon in the exported XML file as a CDATA node, but I don't think it ever does at the moment.)

I've taken to storing 'my' icons in an icon library (.icl) file that I copy to the \Images folder.

While farting around, I discovered that I could get Opus to save this file along with everything else during DPS export by modifying the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Config\User\Images

...and creating a new string value called My Icon Library and setting the value to the name of the file. No path is required... just the file name (i.e. my icons.icl). While it should go without saying GPSoft wouldn't "support" this, I seem to recall trying to add it through the Prefs->Display->Images->Add button didn't permanently save it? Anyway... if you were going to try this with a bunch of indivdual .ICO files it would get messy fast. A library file is ideal...