Export directory structure to txt

Did you paste the button correctly?

Yes. I checked all twice. All are correct.

Hi steje.

Devilders button does seam to work. but very rearly. I cant figure out whe it works and why not other times. When it works sometime it has a huge lag though,

Anyhow, Kenneth alcock''s button used to work on vista when i used the click of the king's theme. I had the whole hardisk exported within seconds to notepad. It must be related with using windows 7 i guess.

Anybody else having this problem on win7 x64 ?

The differnt buttons do things differently... Ken's used the "tree" command. Devilder's used the "dir" command.

I was just wondering what about the "Print Folder" function built-in to Opus...?

Hi steje.

The printfolder option works just fine. File>tools>print folder. But does the print folder window have an option to export only folders. I cant find that.


Ah great this is great leo.

Thanks again for the help.