Export to USB Not Working

I recently bought Dopus along with a license for export. I exported to an older USB drive and everything worked fine. I then tried to export to a newer, USB 3 drive(Sandisk Extreme 64 GB) but it does not work. When I run the export and step through the wizard, the files look like they are being copied, the progress bar show progress, and Dopus says the export was successful. However, when I look at the files on the USB drive, there is nothing related to Dopus there. No EXE file, no INI file, and no Dopus folder. Any ideas?

Are you definitely looking at the same drive/letter that the export went to, and could the display be filtered in some way that might hide the DOPUS folder?

Did you use the "dongle" option during the export? (If so, the export can be sent to any folder, not necessarily on the drive itself.)

Mystery solved. I had exported to the first drive when it was blank and Dopus exported itself to the root folder with an EXE in the root so that's where I was looking for it on the 2nd drive. But Dopus was more clever than I was and it detected that the 2nd drive already had PortableApps on it so it exported and installed itself as a Portable App. Everything was copied into a sub-folder under the PortableApps folder.
Thanks for the quick reply.