Exporting and Importing of DOpus prefs via editable file


As I am frequently rebuilding my PC, and also trying to automate as much as possible, it would be great if DOpus's preferences (ALL of them) could be exported as a file which is editable (ie: a text file).
This way, I can keep it handy for rebuilds, but more importantly, can easily edit the file before Importing... which would allow me to do things like type in my Aliases into the saved file.
It looks like the current way DOpus exports them is not editable, and neither is the registry.


The .dps file created by exporting Opus prefs is in fact a zip file. You can modify Prefs - Zip Files - Settings - Extensions to include the .dps extension. Then they behave in opus like normal zip files.

Within this .dps file are the prefs.dpf and the filetypes.dpf both of which are text files.

I don't doubt though that GPSoftware do not recommend editing these. :slight_smile:

Best to work on a backup of them - in case it all falls in a heap...

Along the lines of what Tanis said about unzipping exported .dps files, I've got Extract and Extract to drop menu actions set for .DPS files for this very reason... Actually, I don't edit them so much as extract them just to compare between my last known 'good' configuration and my 'latest' changes as I continue to play around and get things fouled up (in a heap :slight_smile:).

Curious though - naughtygaz - you mentioned you wanted to edit in order to be able to get your alias's back in. I admit I don't use the fodler alias feature, but is this something that Dopus does not export?