Extend filtering to all available column fields

Right now, file filtering in a view only works on a predefined set of properties, that doesn't have anything to do with what can be shown in the various columns a user can display.

For instance, I use Tortoise CVS, and I can show the CVS status in a column (unmodified, modified, unknown, etc).

Yet, I can't filter based on those properties, for example show only the modified files.

It would be great to be able to have access to all the fields available for columns in the filter view.

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Interestingly, when I try to submit a "program suggestion", and while it says that I should leave the registration code blank if I'm evaluating, when I submit it then says:

" You are not a registered user or your free technical support period has ended"

So I guess evaluation users can't suggest changes. harsh.

I thought evaluation users could leave feedback. Are you using the email address you used to sign up for the evaluation? I think it requires the same address.

(Its been a LONG time since I used this so I could be wrong)

BTW, I sent GPSoft a feature request for this after you asked if it was possible a couple of days back (thread).

Here's body of the request:

[quote="I"]Being able to match Special columns in Find/Select filters would be useful. For example, it would allow you to see just the Modified CVS files that need checking in.

Assuming that the columns can be populated for a Find/Select filter (else this is all moot!), here's an idea for how it could work:

Have a clause type of "Column" which then lets you select any known Special Column (and maybe any other internal Opus columns that you can't already match via other clause types?), and then allows you to have a condition such as one of these:

"Is String" <blah>
"Is Number" <42>
"Is Numeric Range" <-5> to <17>

The numeric stuff is probably not that useful and might be a pain to provide. I think string matching with wildcard support would be fine for almost all situations.

So if you wanted to match all CVS files with status Added of Modified you could have:

Column, Match, CVS Status, Is String, "Modified"
Column, Match, CVS Status, Is String, "Added"[/quote]

To Tanis:
Doh! you are right, I didn't use the right one. I'll be careful for my next request (I assume this one will be taken in consideration if Nudel asked for it, he must certainly have more "weight" than the random anonymous evaluation user :slight_smile: )

To Nudel:
Thanks for making the feature request. I really hope it'll be implemented soon, as it's pretty much the only thing that I really miss compared to TC (well, a copy/move queue too :laughing: )