Extending Photo Sharing Support

First, as an aside, why do you guys hide your fantastic new photo sharing functionality by default? A quick peek in the help file told me about the new raw command, sure, but at least for ImageShack, it seems to me you guys should have added the command to the toolbar by default. :smiley:

Anyway, speaking of uploading an image to ImageShack, nines times out of ten I'm usually just uploading a cropped version of a bigger photo, like a specific area of an application window, or a specific part of a screen shot I'm trying to point out, etc. I usually have to load up ACDSee, Photoshop, or whatever; load the image; crop it; save the cropped version with a different name; upload it; etc. It's a lot of extra steps.

Well, you know how one can select a portion of an image in your built-in image viewer, right-click, and then save a copy of that selected portion to the clipboard? Wouldn't it be a great feature that in addition to copying to the clipboard, one could just choose to upload it to ImageShack?

It would be easy to implement, I would think (I could be wrong). Internally, just copy to clipboard, paste as JPEG to some dummy file in the user's %TMP% directory, upload that dummy file to ImageShack, and then delete the dummy file. :slight_smile:

I like the idea but I think I'd still tend to want to paste the cropped image locally and check it before uploading.

Post a feature idea to gpsoftware...

(You do realise that you can just paste the cropped image from the clipboard into a lister and Opus will create an image file for you? The filetype is configurable too: Preferences - Miscellaneous - Options - Paste Clipboard images as ...)

Yeah, that's why I mentioned "Save as JPEG" explicitly in my idea above since it's a bitmap that actually gets stored in Windows' clipboard, and uploading BMP files is generally not a good idea due to their size. :smiley: