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I want to buy Directory Opus Pro Dual and now I'm testing it's demo version. I would like to clear up some things that are important for me:

  1. Is it possible not to display file extension when renaming?

  2. Is it possible to fully disable sorting? I want the folders and files to be fixed (manually) forever, even after I add new ones in the same directory.

  3. Is there an option to see the total number of pages in the Viewer Pane when clicking on a Word or PDF document?

  4. Is there a plugin or something else to display Characters with Spaces (besides Words count) in the infotips when hovering over doc/docx files?

Thank you in advance!

  1. If you mean in the Rename dialog: You can turn on Ignore Extension which makes the extension fairly irrelevant. It will still be visible but should not get in the way. If you also turn on Use preview list to build macros then the extensions in the preview list will be moved into a separate column, making them even easier to ignore.

    If you mean inline rename in the file display: The extension will be hidden if it is hidden from the file display, and shown if it is shown. If it is not shown, you can trigger showing it by pushing ctrl-e, which selects the extension normally. If it is shown, then when you start renaming only the main part of the name excluding the extension will be selected, so if you type over it the extension will be left alone, and you can pretty much ignore the extension unless you want to change it.

  2. Manual Sorting may be what you want.

  3. In the viewer pane, it depends which PDF viewer you are using. You will normally see the same thing as in File Explorer's viewer, although Opus supports a couple of additional viewer types. Some PDF viewers do show a page count. I think the Adobe Reader ActiveX viewer does (even if the Adobe Reader preview handler doesn't, although it may show it as well). I have a feeling the PDF-XChange preview handler shows it as well. But it has been a while since I checked exactly wat they do. (I personally use PDF so rarely that I just open them in a browser and don't have a viewer installed.)

  4. You could probably adapt this script to do that:

    Column: Word Count for Microsoft Word documents

  5. Please Ask one question per thread

Thank you very much for your reply!

  1. Yes, I mean inline rename in the file display. How to hide extensions from file display?

  2. The page doesn't open.

  3. ActiveX helps with PDF, thank you. And now I wonder how to fix that with DOC?

  4. Will this script work in the Tiles View?

Sorry that I mixed several questions in one. I e-mailed you 2 times, but you didn't answer me. :frowning: I'm new here, on this website, so next time I will ask one question per one theme.

Waiting for your answer. Thank you in advance.

  1. There's a checkbox in Folder > Folder Options > Display. (For info on how to apply the settings in that dialog to all folders, see the folder formats FAQ which has step-by-step details.)

  2. Working fine here. If it still doesn't work, please try another browser, and make sure you aren't blocking javascript as that would break it (and most of the web).

  3. There are fewer Word document viewers to choose from. The one which comes with Office, and older versions of QuickView Plus are the only options I know of. It'll be the same as you see in Explorer's viewer, for that file format.

  4. You can add script columns to Tiles View so it should work. How well it works is something I would recommend testing, since Word's scripting interface is not always that reliable and can do some weird things when used from outside of Word (especially if Word is also being used normally at the same time. Word is not well designed and has issues with things like the same file being opened more than once at the same time).

    It may be possible to get the page counts another way, e.g. via a command line tool that knows how to get them. A script column could use that instead.

    Opus also has a built-in page count column, but I am not sure if it applies to Word docs or not. I have a feeling it is just for PDF.

    If File Explorer has a column that shows the info you want, and none of the Opus built-in columns show it, then it is possible to import the Explorer column into Opus, and that would also work in Tiles mode. We'd just need to know the column name.

Re emails, tech questions are best sent here (as per the contact page) for the fastest answer. Emails usually take longer, or may fall through the cracks if they can't be answered in full quickly (esp. during the holidays), as only one person sees them and has to forward them around, and email is quickly buried by other email. We prefer the forum as it means more people can see both the questions and the answers to respond or to get help on the same things.

Hello Leo,

1: 'Folder Options > Display > Hide file extension in Filename column' does not work for me, because I need to hide extensions when renaming. Is there any option to fully hide the extensions when renaming the files?

4: Can that script be used to show the number of characters with spaces (not the number of words)?

  1. Are we talking about inline rename, like this?

  2. The script would need to be modified, since that isn't exactly what it does right now. It's just a starting point that should cover most of the more difficult parts, like having Opus talk to Word to get statistics about a file. Only the type of statistics should need changing. (At least in theory. Things can always turn out more complicated when you try to do them for real, of course.)

Is it possible to hide the extensions in Tiles View when renaming?

I don't think you can (leo will confirm I'm sure).
But if your issue is you are wanting to move the cursor before extension that is possible. Link to help
The end and home key should stop on the extension. CTRL end and home will move from start to end for the full name.

You can also change the default selection if its not how you like.

Thank you for your reply! Sometimes I occasionally damage the extensions when renaming, so it's not convenient for me. It would be great if Opus had an option of turning them off.

Instead of the inline rename you could use this command/button/key:

Rename TO="{dlgstring|Enter new name without extension:|{file|noext}}{file|ext}"

Where do I need to insert this code?

  1. Copy this button into your clipboard
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button backcol="none" display="both" label_pos="right" separate="yes" textcol="none">
    <label>Rename name only</label>
    <function type="normal">
        <instruction>@nodeselect </instruction>
        <instruction>Rename TO=&quot;{dlgstring|Enter new name without extension:|{file|noext}}{file|ext}&quot;</instruction>
  1. Go into Customize Mode

  2. Paste the button into a toolbar

  3. Close the Customize Mode and try your new button with a few files.

If you like the functionality we can add a hotkey or change the standard rename.


It is exactly what I need, thank you! I've added a hotkey by myself.
But now the cursor appears at the end of the file name.It would be great if the file name was whole selected initially. Is it possible?

Yes you can do that, if you replace dlgstring with dlgstringS it will select all. Doco here.

Updated button

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button backcol="none" display="both" label_pos="right" separate="yes" textcol="none">
    <label>Rename name only</label>
    <function type="normal">
        <instruction>@nodeselect </instruction>
        <instruction>Rename TO=&quot;{dlgstringS|Enter new name without extension:|{file|noext}}{file|ext}&quot;</instruction>

This functionality is pretty similar to the rename dialog. While that dialog looks more complicated. By default it will do the same as this does. Load with previous name selected, type what you want and press enter. The rename dialog has a hotkey of ctrl+3.

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Thank you so much!