External folders open new tab when tab is already open

When Opus is minimized or running as window/full screen and I'm using a folder/drive shortcut that's already open as a tab, the focus is set to the appropriate tab - that's fine.

But if Opus only runs in the systray or not at all and I use a folder/drive shortcut that already exists as a tab, Opus still opens a new tab with that path, so I have then the same tab open twice. I have already set that the lister used last is always used.

Is that intentional or a bug or can it be configured?

And idea von @lxp was: Try unchecking Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open external folders in a new tab .
But then external folders are open in a complete new lister.

You could solve it with this add-in:

ok. thank you. At least this helps for one side of the dual view.

Do I see it right, that this script is integrated in V12, because I do not see any difference between active and deactivated script when Opus is open and it does not work, when Opus is closed:

The GoExisting script isn't integrated into Opus 12. That script adds a command. It doesn't change anything just by being installed. You'd need to make a button/hotkey/etc. which runs the command it adds to see anything different.

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So I would need a script that combines both already mentioned scripts? Or to say it in other words: I would need a script that is active at launching a lister (like deduplicatetabs) and then "hands over" the open request to the Goexisting command.

Forgotten to ask: It is not possible to correct this native? So that the behaviour from Opus is the same when opened and not opened?

I'm not sure why you'd need GoExisting at all here.

At the moment external links are always opend in a new tab, when Opus is closed or minimized to systray.
If this links would be opend with GoExisting that should not happen when this path is already "opened".

But I guess this will not be a big issue, because Opus will be launched one time after Windows Boot and then it works like I want to.

You don't need the GoExisting script for that. Use the DeDuplicateTabs script I linked to instead.

you are right. Only topic would be: How to de-duplication across both sides? You wrote it is an easy change, but without any scripting knowledge it seems not so easy. :slight_smile:
But perhaps it makes sense to write the answer in the script topic so that other people can find it easily.

It'd be an easy change to the script, but it's also not exactly difficult to deal with.

Also: Why double-click a shortcut to a folder you already have in your default lister? Just open the default lister instead and the problem goes away by itself, without any script.

Edit: When I think about this it is primary related to shortcuts on the desktop like "this computer" and Systray Icons which launches folders.
Shortcuts can perhaps replaced with shortcuts to an Opus tab? Or I have to "learn" not to use "This computer", but to use directly Opus.

I have still to find a way how I want to use Opus. :slight_smile:
But if a script can help and has no disadvantages...

You can have shortcuts that open Opus, or open a particular layout, etc.

Opus can put an icon in the system tray, too.

I found this: Launching Dopus Minimized
That would be also a workaround, because as long as Opus is running minimized it will open all links in existing tabs.

But do I see it right, that the command UNDOCLOSELISTER cannot combined with "min"? So only if I want to start always with the default lister (or the last closed lister "not minimized") I could use this workaround.
Or I would have to put Opus manually into the windows autostart.

Perhaps I will change some time to the setting that always the default lister is started. :slight_smile: But at the moment I have not the final layout etc.

But regarding autostart I saw a different behaviour depending on the log-in time.
When I log-in at Windows immediately after the log-in screen appears Opus is only launched as systray-icon (I guess this is the intended behaviour).
When I log-in some minutes later (So the log-in screen is "active" for some minutes) Opus is also started minimized.

Is this is due to windows?

I changed now to the "default lister concept" and use the minimized start up.