Extra columns appended to folder formats?

Using version 12.17.3

When creating a new folder format or editing an existing folder format, I'm having an issue where the default lister's columns are being added after the columns I specified in the folder format.

This is what I do: I open the folder options menu (in the folder that I want to edit or create format for) > remove the columns I don't want > add the columns I do > click apply > click save folder format > click the first option "save format for a folder"

When I click apply it removes the columns I specified to be removed but when I go to save the folder format, the instant it saves, the columns from my default lister are added. Doing this from the preferences page yields the same result. The changes are saved in the folder format but it seems to be that the default lister's columns are being added regardless.

Any ideas?

Edit it in Preferences and go to the format's Options tab. is it set to inherit columns from other formats?

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That seems to have done the trick. Unticking "Include columns from other matching formats" specifically. Thanks a ton for the help Leo!