Extract Button Code


How can you copy the entire batch of code that makes a button in Opus 9.5?

By this I mean, like the ones people post in the toolbars & buttons forum where you can just paste it straight in when in customise mode.


Just select the button when in Customise mode, then copy and paste into a text editor or a forum post.

Regards, AB

You can also drag buttons to your desktop to create a .dop file that you can zip & share or drag back to your toolbar, while in customize mode.

For sharing on the forum, right click the button and choose copy, then paste into any text editor.

Note: If you paste to the forum, don't use the Quick Reply form as it messes up XML data. Click "Post Reply" and use the full reply form instead.

(If you just want the command the button runs (not the full XML button definition with the icon and other attributes), then copy & paste the text out of the command editor by editing the button.)

Excellent, thanks gents.