Extract to <folder name same as archive name> context menu

If you would be so kind to incorporate context menus for extracting archives similar to ones that WinRAR use I would almost completely stop using WinRAR.

So 'extract here' context menu is nice but 'extract to ' is even better.

I use it all the time to create temporary folders where I'm at, then check the files and decide what to do. Afterwards I just go up and delete that folder.

No need for somekind of universal temp folder where you will always go to check files. And sometimes is not good to do all that checking/manipulating when inside the archive because of potential unintetional adding/deleting.

Just make a context menu with this command:


Also works as a toolbar button, etc.

Unfortunately that would extract multiple zips to individual subfolders, whereas the WinRAR one would extract all the zips into a single sub folder. Works fine with single zips or single/multipart rar though :]

I've not checked dopus manual to see if theres a way to make all the zips go into one, perhaps there is.

Ah, okay, try this:

Copy EXTRACT To=".\moo"

That will extract all selected zip files into a subdirectory named "moo", creating the directory if it doesn't exist.

Ah sweet, with a quick tweak I got

Select PATTERN="*.zip"
Copy EXTRACT To=".\Extracted" FORCE

One click extract, which I dunno about Raisers, but its certainly better for me :]

Excellent work SubBASS!

There is one more thing... how to get dopus extract zip file into a folder that have same name as zip file?

Copy extract=sub

This extracts the file into a directory with the name of the original zip file (minus the .zip, of course).


Oops, sorry,

For some reason I only saw the last message. I'm starting the conversation again at the beginning :confused:

Jules, your answer is still right for Raisers' question (not sure why it was asked twice when already answered at the top -- maybe I'm missing a requirement!). SubBass was asking for something different.

In summary...

Extract selected zip files to folder(s) named after each zip file:


Extract selected zip files to a single folder called "moo":

Copy EXTRACT To=".\moo"

Nah, not something different Nudel.

Raisers brought up something I'd never thought about which you answered but didn't work with multiple zips, then you fixed it to work perfectly, duplicating the way that winrar context menu did it, which was what Raisers originally wanted.

All I added was the pattern select which improved the way winrar context did it and seemed to fit in with what Raisers and subsequently I realised would be easier/faster.

Yet again its just Dopus can do it better than I've been using for the last few years and not realised it could be simpler :wink:

Thanks to Nudel and Raisers for the button/solution I hadn't even realised I needed :]


I'm sorry my mind is racing and I'm not feeling very well.
Everything was answered.

Thanks all.

[quote]SubBASS wrote:
didn't work with multiple zips[/quote]Depends what you want to happen. EXTRACT=sub will create a separate directory for each Zip file, so it does work with multiple zips, at least if that's what you want. :slight_smile: (It's what I want!) But, of course, there's the option of doing it the other way around if you want that instead.

Everyone's a winner (baby).


(Hope you feel better soon too Raisers!)

Thanks nudel.
I finally remembered what I wanted to ask before.

When I put extract command in drop context editor how do I make dopus say:

Extract to

I tried putting {f!} and similar but that doesn't work.

As Leo has said a few times, this is exactly what EXTRACT=sub will do. It creates a subfolder using the name of the archive. Try it! :slight_smile:

No no, I want Dopus to say inside context menu

Extract to

This is a context menu message! Dopus usually just say 'extract to' and if I put moo it will say 'extract to moo' but i want it to dynamicaly say the name of filename selected.

Do you get it? I dont think its possible.

If you just want that then turn on Preferences / ZIP Files / Integration / Add context menu items for 'Extract files from ZIP' and you get this:

(This only works on context menus, of course.)

That's what I wanted but for drag&drop context menu!
I want to have normal context menu cleared of all those extract commands.

I guess it's not possible to do it yet.

Thanks very much for all the effort nudel!

The same option also adds the menu items to the Drag & Drop menu, or at least seems to have for me:

Yeah, you're right. But that works just for zip files and I was thinking doing that myself in drag&drop context menu editor for zip and for rar.

And what's the story with those ugly icons for zip extract in context menu? Is that because of some kind of compatibility issue?

I must say that RAR plugin is dissapointing regarding compatibility and speed. I have archives that are unpacked twice as fast using WinRAR then with dopus.

If you want better RAR support, write to the people at RARLabs (who make WinRAR) and ask them why they don't either licence the RAR engine to 3rd parties or allow 3rd parties to hook into the the RAR engine on machines where people who have bought and installed WinRAR.

Opus is stuck using the pretty awful unrar.dll which is why the RAR support is what it is (slow and read-only).

I personally wish that people would stop using RAR and switch to an open format, or at least one that can be licenced or plugged-in.

I'd like to have a go at adding 7-zip support to Opus in my spare time, once I've got various viewer plugin stuff out of the way, so that may come sometime, but as it is I don't think many people use anything but Zip and RAR, for whatever reason.

(I know some other programs do have read-write RAR support but it seems they spent the time to reverse-engineer the file format and compression algorithms, which is a big, difficult job.)