Extracting 6000 files from multi-part rar slows down a lot at end

When I enter a multi-part rar via double-clicking on part01.rar, and then copy ~6000 files out of it into a new folder on the same hard disc, the copying starts at 50 MB/s for the first few hundred files, then slows down to 500 kb/s after 4000 files.

It should go at the same speed regardless how many files have been done. WinRAR keeps up the speed.

I have had so many issues using double-click to open archive files and copying from them using DOPUS copy button, I have made a habit to revert to WINRAR or other standalone programs like 7-zip to do fast extraction of thousands of files.

I just gave latest DOPUS a try, and to my disappointment, these issues remain problematic it seems, after all these years.

I don't understand why "copying from archives" is never the same speed as "extracting archives".

Maybe there's a memory leak or some such in Directory Opus copy from archive function, IDK.

I checked and Directory Opus is only usin 17% CPU right now while extracting. I would expect it to use more to speed it up. Memory usage seems ok at 83 MB.

When you say you're double-clicking the archives, do you mean they're opening in Opus or in WinRAR and then copying the contents to Opus?

Are you using the Copy Files button or clipboard copy & paste?

Does configuring RAR to use UnRAR.dll (instead of 7z.dll) make a difference? (Preferences / Zip and Other Archives / Plugins)

If you disable your antivirus, does that change things?

The folder opens in Directory Opus.

I am using the copy button.

I have never tried these other things you mentioned let me see and report back.

Thanks for the help.