Extracting rar-files to folder creates wrong foldername


I have a set of rar-files named CS1D3.part001.rar, CS1D3.part002.rar .... CS1D3.part010.rar in the left window pane. When I right click on the first part, drag it to the right pane and let go DOpus will give me a menu with two extraction-options, namely "Extract here" and "Extract to "CS1D3"". When I choose the second one, I would expect a directory being created called "CS1D3" but in stead a directory called "CS1D1.part001" is created.

Is this done intentionally or is it a bug?


Thanks for the report. That's a bug which we'll fix. (It will strip ".part1" when creating the directory but not ".part01" or ".part001" etc. for some reason.)

Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for the next beta :slight_smile:

That's fixed now for the next update.