Extreme custom sort

Jon, the two commands that I tried were:
Set SORTBY="scp:Custom Sort Column/CustomSort,Name" SortReverse=ToggleSmart
Set SORTBY="scp:Custom Sort Column/CustomSort",Name SortReverse=ToggleSmart
Omitting SortReverse=ToggleSmart didn't help either.

Wowbagger, I'll check through the various changes to the script in the morning.

Thanks, wowbagger. That seems to account for every detail that I can identify, apart from the things that Jon says need to be sorted out within DOpus. Hopefully the script is now so general that it should be useful in all sorts of other situations.

The business of uppercase extensions raises a question — is there any software on the planet that is case-sensitive to the extension? I ask this because your script nukes the annoying uppercase completely and lists, for example, MyFile.TXT as MyFile.txt. (That's if I hide filename extensions and place the custom column next after the filename.)

Set SORTBY problem fixed in the next update.

The column shows the value from the config not the file extension, the files extension is not being altered.

Jon, thanks very much for all this. Reporting on the new update V11.5.2:

  1. The following command now successfully adds the custom column as a final column, with width 32:
    Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="scp:Custom Sort Column/CS1(*,32)"
    Changing * to say 3 adds it after the 3rd column. The " symbol must go at the end, not after CS1, and the two " symbols cannot be omitted.

  2. The following command now successfully sorts first on the custom sort column and then on the filename:
    Set SORTBY="scp:Custom Sort Column/CS1,Name"
    Again, the " symbol must come at the end.

Adding SortReverse=ToggleSmart doesn't work, but I think SortReverse=ToggleSmart was never supposed to work with more than one sort column.

  1. Point 3 of my earlier post remains unfixed at this stage:

[quote]When I change a file's extension, the extension in the ordinary Ext column changes immediately, but the extension in the CustomSort column only changes when I refresh the display with the "Go Refresh=All" button (or change directory away and back again).

By the way, I have versions 1 and 1.1 of wowbagger's script installed at the moment. — I have changed the column heading in Ver 1 to CS and the column headings in Ver 1.1 to CS1 and CS2. Changing CS1 to CS or to CS2 in both Set COLUMNSTOGGLE and Set SORTBY works just as well (on the different columns). All three headings are available when using the Commands and Arguments picker in the function editor.

wowbagger, I know that the file's extension is not being changed from upper to lower case. I should have explained the further point that getting rid of the extension column, and relying only on the Custom Sort column, hides the fact that some of the extensions may be uppercase — but in Windows, who cares anyway?

Point 3 will require an update to the script to set the new flag telling Opus it needs to refresh when the filename changes.