Extremely long startup time with huge memory consumption


For some time, my Directory Opus has been taking more than 15 minutes to startup with memory used during this startup time approaching 1500MB. I checked the forums, tried everything to figure out what it is doing during that time but can't figure that out.

Any ideas?

Did you check the FAQ section yet? 15 Minutes startup time is surely way too much, about 15 seconds should do it. :slight_smile:

[url]List of FAQs organised by topic]

Even 15 seconds is very a long startup time.

What have you tried so far?

Have you tried using Process Monitor to see which files dopus.exe is accessing during that time?

Tried making Opus open a different (and empty) folder to usual, in case the problem is triggered by something in the folder(s) it normally opens?

Tried disabling viewer plugins and shell extensions? (See this guide for info.)

Checked for disconnected/unavailable network drives?