F5 refresh and sort order


If I add custom columns, for example General -> Total File Count, or any image metadata, sorting no longer works as expected.

The first time I press the custom column heading, the display is sorted, but after that, whether I navigate to a sub-folder or press F5, the folder is treated as 'unsorted' and appears in a seemingly random order.

Pressing F5 repeatedly appears to shuffle the directory listing, and I need to click the column heading twice to force a re-sort in the direction I need.

I don't think this is new. Is this expected behaviour?


Is the sort arrow red when that happens?

Red means the data for the sort column has not been (re-)calculated yet. Total File Count can take a while to calculate if the folders are deep.

No, sorry. The folders in this case aren't deep, so the totals are calculated pretty much instantly.

I enabled "General -> Total File Count". which updated nearly instantly. Hit the column heading to
enable sort, and pressed F5 to refresh..

This is the result.


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Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next update.

This is fixed in the 12.17.1 beta.