(False alarm) .psd thumbnails eat up RAM

Hey there

Just found out that this version:

Directory Opus Pro 12.19.3 (Beta) Build 7320 x64
OS 10.0 (B:18363 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

eats up all RAM when generating thumbnails of .psd file previews.

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No problems with .psd thumbnails here.

Do you have a sample file that causes the problem you can share with us? (If you want to attach it here, please zip it first.)

Hey there Leo, thank You kindly for Your super fast reply! Well, I'm working via remote, so I'm not gonna risk it [it froze my PC and I have issues restarting PC remotely, cuz of dumb AMD] so...I'll do a video when I'm healthy at work on monday with GoPro, will that be enough? And will also send files.

A video isn't needed, but if you can get one of the PSD files to us that will let us see if it's something about the file which triggers the problem. (It could also be something caused by a third party component, but that's less likely with PSD files, so getting the file to us to test against first is the fastest way to solve the problem, at least unless you see the same thing if you thumbnail it in File Explorer.)

Those were search results of multiple folders, I'll reproduce them, although, pinpointing out single .psd file is close to impossible. In general, the more files he had loaded, the more RAM was eaten out. That's why I wanted to show You the video, there You can see correlation of thumbnails generated vs. RAM filled.

How many files are you talking about?

Thumbnails take memory, and lots of thumbnails will take lots of memory.

It’s when that memory doesn’t come back when you close the window that you’d start to think something was wrong.

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Hey there @Jon! [Snow, is that You? :slight_smile:]

I just started recording the issue and voila, no more issue. I guess it was a combination of Adobe Photoshop running on background and some other programs. When it occurs again, I shall grab my phone, or camera and record it. Please consider my bug report irrelevant for the time being.

My apologies for the false alarm

With kind regards