False "The Location you are searching is not indexed"message

On some of my custom libraries, Directory Opus will display a message at the top of the Lister that says "The location you are searching is not indexed and so the search may be slower than expected."

This appears to be a false message, as it can search instantly for any files I look for, even newly created ones. Some of my libraries are quite huge as well, such as my manga collection, which is almost 40 GB. This appears to happen only for SOME of my custom added libraries, not all. Default libraries work fine.

Again, the files appear to be properly indexed, yet Directory Opus still displays the warning.

Is there something I am missing, and is there a way to turn off this potentially false message?

It's Windows Search which tells Opus whether or not to show that message.

Do you see similar if you search in Explorer?

I just gave it a try in file explorer, searched for the same term in the same library, no error message, and the results displayed instantly.

It's nearly the same result in Dopus -- instant search, finds what I search for, but displays the yellow message.

Thanks for the additional info, I believe we have identified a problem with this now and it should be fixed in the next update.

Glad to hear it will be fixed in the next version. For now I will just ignore the message.